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Burj Khalifa Parking

To experience the view from the Burj Khalifa, people come especially from everywhere. Everyone loves to visit the spot for its beauty. However, only a few visitors to the Burj Khalifa are aware of its Burj khalifa parking facilities. Here are some crucial details regarding parking facilities that everyone should be aware of to ensure a successful trip.

Parking Facilities

Basement parking: Basement parking provides hassle-free Burj khalifa parking facilities. The car remains protected offering a walkable distance to Burj Khalifa.

Overflow parking: The administration opens overflow parking facilities to meet the increased demand during peak hours when the Burj Khalifa draws large crowds of people. This preparedness guarantees that visitors can locate acceptable parking spots without sacrificing convenience.

Valet parking: The facility preferred by almost all the visitors is the valet parking. It allows the visitors to hand over the keys of their vehicle to a professional who takes care of their vehicle with utmost safety and security.

Parking Options

Dubai Mall Parking : To explore Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, you must park at the latter itself. It provides a huge space for parking all kinds of vehicles

Burj Khalifa Parking : Parking in this neighborhood might be difficult, particularly during busy times when spaces are few.

Valet Parking : A preference of all its visitors but it charges more than usual parking spaces.

Parking Fees

The parking fees vary from the time and location you choose to park on. Here are some of the Burj Khalifa parking fees:

Dubai Mall Parking: AED 20 per hour

Burj Khalifa Parking: AED 40 per hour

Valet Parking: AED 100 per hour

All the Burj Khalifa parking fees are subject to change over time. Make sure you check them every time you plan your trip to Dubai.